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These Are The Highest Paid Actors Of 2019
Julia Roberts set a precedent when she asked for her $20 million salary in 2000. But with actors today starring in some of the biggest-grossing franchises in history, theirs is a salary that would make even J. Robs blush
Celebrities Are Publishing Children’s Books Now And Honestly, We’re Not Mad About It
As Metallica announce the publication of their first children’s book, ‘The ABCs of Metallica’, they join a growing list of celebrities who’ve tried their luck at writing a children’s bestseller.
Will Smith Is Making A Case For The V-neck Jumper
Stepping out for the Aladdin European Gala in Leicester Square, actor Will Smith made a serious case for the V-neck jumper
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The Trailer For Gemini Man Confirms That Will Smith Hasn’t Aged Since The Fresh Prince
The film will seamlessly place a 23-year-old Will Smith right next to a 50-year-old Will Smith
Amy Campbell
Will Smith Will Play Venus And Serena Williams’ Dad In New 'King Richard' Film
The father of two of the sport’s greatest stars will see his life played out on the big screen by Will Smith
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Close Casting Calls: This Is Why Will Smith Turned Down 'The Matrix'
He was riding a career high in the ‘90s, but Smith traded an iconic role for a box office disappointment.
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Fans Are Not Feeling Will Smith's Genie In The Aladdin Remake
It was the adaptation we were all waiting for, but now all we can ask is: "Why isn't he blue?"
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