Take a Look Around One Of Elon Musk’s $3.9m Homes

26 September 2019
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David Kramer Group
The Billionaire Tesla CEO is selling this incredible Los Angeles Property

When you're worth more than the GDP of Jamaica, it’s surely hard to keep track of everything you own. Pants, loafers, watches, cars….4-bedroom mansions.

Elon Musk LA Home

Such is the case with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, a man worth a reported $20 Billion. Indeed, Musk has gone a land grab of such proportions in recent years that people have suggested we should forget him colonizing mars because he’s too busy with Bel-Air.

At last count Musk was the proud owner of five homes in LA, all of them to be found inside Bel Air’s gated community. And that’s before we count the properties outside the Fresh Prince’s catchment area.

Elon Musk LA Home

But not anymore, because Musk has decided to downsize and sell one of his homes. On the market for $3.925 million, it’s reported that Musk never actually lived in the home, buying it instead for an ex-wife.

Listed by LA’s David Kramer Group, agents who “Specialize in luxury real estate’, the house, in Brentwood, West LA, is a 4 bed, 4 bathroom mid-century design with ocean, city and canyon views.

Elon Musk LA Home

To make the most of those vistas the house has floor to ceiling windows and sliders that lead onto a frankly outrageous terrace. From there you can jump into the split-level saltwater pool and spa and watch the sun set.

Inside, there’s a state of the art kitchen, built-in audio system and integrated security. And of course, there are walk-in wardrobes. There are always walk in wardrobes. The master bedroom has space for a huge bed so that you can lay in all morning and stare at the view asking yourself "Well, how did I get here?"

Elon Musk LA Home

The plot clocks in at over 12k square feet with the house itself accounting for 3,077 of those and it’s already listed as sold.

The only question now is, will Elon even notice the extra cash in his account?