These Are The Best Barbers In Dubai

23 July 2020
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Looking for a trim that’s a cut above the rest? Read this first

If you’re looking for a sharp haircut, there’s no shortage of great barbers in Dubai. From trusted chains to niche one-offs, luxury grooming rooms to chic salons, the emirate has you covered. The next question is whether you want a specialist cut like a fade, a short back and sides or a hot towel shave, shoulder massage and pompadour that David Beckham would be proud of. Luckily there are plenty of great barbers to choose from in Dubai when you want a fresh trim.

Y12 Salons

Founded by Luca Comella, Y12 run salons at the Ritz Carlton, the Bvlgari hotel and Jumeirah Naseem, so the surroundings are already lux to begin with. Y12’s philosophy is to work with the customer to give them the hair style that will work best for their face shape and hair type, rather than a one-size-fits all solution. The resulting cuts are the kind which grow out gracefully and keep you looking good right up until it’s time to go again.

Chaps & Co

Taking all the trappings of an old-school barber- vintage leather chairs, black and white floors, dark interior and barbers all dressed in white shirts and black aprons, Chaps has made a name for itself as a stylish and reliable place to get a haircut in Dubai. The wide range of services on offer, from massages to west shaves, mean you can come and escape from the world just as easily as you can pop in for a short back and sides. Staff are friendly and the quality of the cut is consistently good.

Dunhill Barbershop

Tucked away at the rear of Dunhill’s ultra-lux boutique in Dubai mall, the Dunhill grooming room is a haven away from the world. The serene barbering room is closed off from the rest of the store and seats just two people. With its classic, old-school barbering styling (a big leather chair, dark wood paneling) it feels as stylish as the store it’s located in. Once inside you can have a traditional shave, beard trim and a hot towel to the face. We’re also happy to report that the haircut, from an experienced barber, is conducted with minimal fuss and was expert precision.


The relative new kid on the block, CHALK barbers is owned and run by Anas Bukhash. Large, bright and airy, the split level premesis in Alserkal Avenue is worth visiting as much for the architecture as the cuts. Inside it feels like you could be in London or New York, the exposed concrete finishing gives it an industrial feel and the finishing is cool and clean. The staff are all experienced barbers and hairdressers who you can trust to take care of your locks.

Julian’s Barber Shop

We have it on good authority from various members of the GQ team that Julian’s Barbershop will serve you up a razor-sharp skin fade, that can be relied on week in, week out. With four different barbers, all from different backgrounds, it doesn’t matter whether you have a thick curls, a wiry mop or poker straight hair. There will be someone at Julian’s who will send you out of the door looking fresh to death.

Beats and Cuts

Set up by DJ Bliss, Beats and Cuts has the feel of a New York barbershop in Dubai. It’s loud, bustling and busy and the barbers will shout conversation at each other over the din of hairdryers and clippers. The staff are adept at fades, shape ups and the sort of quick, no nonsense cuts that fancier places often struggle to deliver. Their star barber, Rabi (@RabiTheBarber on Instagram) is Will Smith’s go-to-guy when he’s in town and this has lead to Rabi looking after countless footballers and musicians whenever they’re passing through the Emirate.