The Ever-Jacked Mark Wahlberg Has Scooped Up A Stake In F45

By Brad Nash
20 March 2019
Fitness, F45, Mark Wahlberg
Credit: Paramount
Hollywood's fittest expands his ever-growing wellness portfolio with share in form of training taking the world by storm

Most people who don't live in the general vicinity of a Barry's Bootcamp now know F45 as about the trendiest form of training you can do right now.

A brutal 45 minute class based around functional movement, high-intensity exercise and group circuit programs, the spread of F45 around the globe has been nothing short of viral.

Once a training fad reserved for middle-class housewives in the Eastern Suburbs, it's now a full-blown fitness phenomenon, and F45 now has over 1,500 studios in 40 countries.

The world, then, is starting to take notice of F45 as one of the planet's leading boutique gyms, which is invaluable in an era where boutique gyms like Barry's and SoulCycle are completely changing the way many people approach training and group exercise.

Now, even Hollywood's elite have their eyes on F45, with one of the city's most renowned (and jacked) A-Listers, Mark Wahlberg, even going so far as to buy a stake in the company.

Yep, the dude from Ted is now the guy who's set to help fund your next 45 minute session of pain from now on.


For those unfamiliar, F45 runs 30 different systems of circuit classes, each aimed at testing your body out in new and different ways.

The classes are largely themed, with circuits based  around athletes from the NFL, members of the military, different fight sports, and even those who work high-intensity manual labour jobs, each centred around cardio, resistance, or plyometric training.

It's a simple formula that's paid off massively for the uber-trendy fitness franchise. F45 is now reportedly valued at over $630 million, a figure that if Wahlberg's investment is anything to go by, will only rise.

F45 plan on eventually having over 10,000 studios in the US alone, want to get to a point where they're opening 2,000 franchises a month, and have struck up athletics partnerships with Universities as prestigious as Stanford and Texas.

"Mark has so many traits that we feel align with us," F45 founder Rob Deutsch said. "He's obviously very into fitness, he's a very shredded man with a very clean brand." Wahlberg also owns stakes in sneaker/streetwear resale site StockX, Aquahydrate, a water brand, and natural supplement company Performance Inspired Nutrition.

To find out more and perhaps even book a workout, check out F45's website.

Via GQ Australia