The First Stranger Things 3 Trailer Is Here And The Gang's All Grown Up

By Brad Nash
21 March 2019
Stranger Things, Netflix
Credit: Netflix
The second-most anticipated TV event of the year is coming, and suddenly the 4th of July seems very close

In a media environment where we've been subject to an endless torrent of Captain Marvel, Avengers, James Bond and Game of Thrones news, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Stranger Things 3 is very much on the way. In fact, without even noticing, we've gotten to the point now where the season is set to drop in barely more than three months.

The second-most anticipated TV event of the year is coming, and we now have the first proper look at the adventure that the now very grown up gang is going to be embarking on.


Set in the summer of 1985 following the events of Stranger Things 2, the trailer finds Will, Eleven, Steve and co. trying to work their way back into a normal life. Dustin has just returned from a Science camp, and finds that Steve is working at an ice cream bar alongside new character Robin (played by Maya Hawke).

Mike and Eleven are officially a thing, much to the delight of pretty much everyone, and those most effected by the horrific events of the first two seasons, namely Will, Joyce, Hopper, Nancy and Jonathan, are still struggling to come to terms with what's transpired.

Things also seem to be taking a turn for the worst around the town, which has just elected a Trumpian new mayor. His works have led to many new settings within which much of the season looks as if it's going to take place, including the Fourth of July fair where the trailer opens, and the thoroughly '80s, yet slightly sinister Starcourt Mall.


Of course, the peace and quiet doesn't last particularly long. Things take a turn for the strange once again on the Fourth of July, and the families are thrust back together to confront the fact that the darkness that resides within Hawkins, Indiana, hasn't left.

A few secondary characters look to be making the step up to bigger roles in the coming season, including Dacre Montgomery's Billy, and Lucas's sister, Erica. Finally, we're also introduced to a new manifestation of the darkness that lurks within the show, in the form of a horrific, massive new monster.

For a proper breakdown of all the clever easter eggs and details you may have overlooked in all your nostalgic joy, check out the video below.


Stranger Things 3 will drop on July 4.

Via GQ Australia