The Lamborghini Huracan Evo Could Be The Best Baby Supercar Of The Lot

By Brad Nash
18 March 2019
Photos: Lamborghini

Photos: Lamborghini

As fast as its track focused brother, but approachable for just about every entry-level supercar buyer. What's not to love?

There was once a time where cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 and Ferrari F430 were almost inseparable from each other on the automotive landscape. But times have changed a little bit. Each generation of flagship Ferraris gets faster, bigger, and more expensive than the last, while Porsche have carved out a tidy niche making supercars feel more accessible.

Lamborghini, once purveyors of the Gallardo and now boasting the Huracan, sit somewhere in the middle, and the latest of its baby supercars, the Huracan Evo, doesn't just stick to long-beloved formula of making smaller, slightly cheaper supercars, it may well perfect it.

It may be hard to differentiate the Huracan Evo from its sibling, the Performante, but the adjustments to the car's looks are there. It has the same sporting, menacing stance, with bodywork that's about as aggressive as Lamborghini have ever put on one of their "entry-level" supercars" without the GT-inspired add-ons that signified the Performante as a more track-focused model.

Inside, the Evo has also been designed to provide just enough comfort to match the car's blisteringly raw speed. A futuristic-looking, 8-inch entertainment system with Apple Carplay awaits the driver, which is a car step ahead from what you get in either a McLaren 540 or 570.

Thankfully, according to most accounts, the term Evo can be applied pretty much directly to the driving experience Lamborghini have supplied in the new Huracan. It's been almost universally praised as tighter, quicker and more dynamic than its predecessor — a car that many already said was perhaps the best Lamborghini ever made.

In fact, in making the more comfortable, user-friendly Evo as quick as it is, they may have actually made the Performante obsolete in the process. By way of an uprated naturally aspirated V10, the Evo not only sprints to 100km/h in the same 2.9 seconds as the Performante, it's also been reported as quicker than its track-bred brother around the company's Nardo test circuit. Due to the lack of added aero, it even has a higher top speed.

Of course, you still get the drama too. The engine is still one of the loudest in the biz, capable of firing the Huracan to a top speed of 325km/h.

Much of the Evo's newfound performance comes by way of a bunch of electronic trickery that they've put in to make the car handle better than ever before. For the first time in a Huracan, the Evo has rear wheel steering to make it more nimble through tight bends, and it also has torque vectoring, which allows a computer system to control the amount of torque that's being applied to each side of the vehicle. Pair that up with an all-wheel drive system, and it's a recipe for a car that's apparently staggeringly easy to drive quickly.

Via GQ Australia