The Showrunners Behind Game Of Thrones Hid The Show's Ending In This Spotify Playlist

By Brad Nash
14 April 2019
Game of Thrones
Credit: HBO
Spoilers ahead, if you're willing to go through the whole list and piece the relevant lyrics together

Despite the masses of fan theories routinely being thrown around, only two people actually know how Game of Thrones ends. To be fair, after seven seasons and almost a decade of investment from fans, does anyone really want to know straight away at this point anymore?

Either way, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the series' two showrunners, have apparently known who will end up on the iron throne (if anyone does at all) for a number of years.

And now, the sneaky bastards, they've dropped a clue as to how the biggest question in TV history (or the biggest since 'Who Shot J.R.?' at least) will be answered in a couple of months time.

As part of the vortex of press partnerships the show has drummed up around the impending airing of its climactic final season, the two bosses of the show put together an official Spotify playlist themed around the show's imminent ending. Called Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming, it naturally contains heavy references to war, medieval battles, and power in its largely rock and metal songs. Kanye West's POWER also gets a nod, of course.

But apparently they've also dropped a morsel of information in there that may prove too tempting for a masochistic, spoiler-hungry fan to pass up. We have no idea what drives the motivations of such people, but fair play to them. According to Benioff D.B. Weiss, the ending of the show is actually hidden in the playlist somewhere, just waiting for someone to figure it out.

Of course, teasing GOT fans isn't the main aim of the playlist. “We were looking for songs that made us feel the way the show made us feel,” he explained.

“The answer to the ending is 100 percent hidden in the playlist choices. No one will believe us, but it’s true,” said the pair. It may turn up in the lyrics to one of the playlist's more narrative-driven songs, or it might be pieced together through multiple tracks.

We're sure someone will figure it out, and we'll do everything in our power to avoid them.

If you want to try and figure it out, or simply just get in the mood for the first episodes' premiere on Monday, you can check out the playlist on this link.

Via GQ Australia