A Brunch With A Difference

By Team GQ Middle East
28 October 2018
Zodiac Hour at Morimoto Dubai
Zodiac Hour at Morimoto Dubai
If you're tired of the same old, same old, prepare to be dazzled by Morimoto Dubai's signature Friday brunch or daily Zodiac Hour

Fancy yourself as man of fine taste? Well, step this way.

We know, we know; it seems hardly a day goes by without a new sushi or fusion restaurant being annointed the place to be. You've been there, you've done the brunch. 

Or so you thought. But wise is the man who brunches with quality firmly in mind. Wise is the man who brunches at Morimoto Dubai.

First, a word of advice. This is not your typical Dubai brunch, where you line your stomach with grub between trips to the different drink stations. No, Chef Morimito did not create a masterpiece of a menu for such nonsense. This is a meal to gently ease into, to be experienced at your leisure. Once comfortably fed and ready to carry on the party, grab a Zodiac cocktail (more on those below) and head to the terrace. Take in the full Burj Khalifa views, breathe, and revel in a Friday brunch done in style.

Brunch at Morimoto Dubai

But let's start at the beginning. At its core, this brunch is a celebration of fine food and drink. Running from 12:30pm until 4pm, and with packages from AED350-650, we suggest you start with a cocktail at the bar, as you enjoy an eclectic playlist from a resident DJ complete with dragon mask. Then, take your seat downstairs and be served tableside with some Morimoto Dubai signatures dishes – we recommend the Angry Chicken on account of both taste and name – but be sure to head to the open kitchen and sushi bar live stations, too.

Brunch at Morimoto Dubai

If you’re looking for a little more than a Friday afternoon thing, however, you should consider Zodiac Hour. A cocktail menu curated by Shingo Goken – 2017 International bartender of the year – has a tipple to represent Japanese signs of the zodiac. You can combine two drinks with a signature Morimoto Dubai bite for just AED89 between 6-8pm, and while we’re not 100 per cent certain of the science behind it all, we’re fairly sure this all means that a good evening is written in the stars.

Morimoto Dubai, Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai, morimotodubai.com