The World’s First Luxury Hotel Made With 3D-Printed Sand Is Coming To Mozambique

30 November 2019
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Set to open in 2020, this luxe stay was built using 3D-printed sand from technology

In the world of luxury travel, most stays involve private jets, speedboats, fast cars, and hotel suites decked out in the most extravagant trimmings – from the sheets to the bedspread. While it might have you thinking you’ve just woken up in a James Bond film, it doesn’t exactly scream “eco-tourism”. 

That might all be set to change with a new innovative and luxurious hotel set to open in Mozambique in 2020, called Kisawa Sanctuary.

Located off the eastern coast of Mozambique and on the white sand beaches of Benguerra Island, Kisawa Sanctuary is a luxury stay that’s been five years in the making. It also stands as the first project from entrepreneur Nina Flohr, whose values of sustainability translated into a design suitable for even the most ethical of travellers. Made from 3D-printed sand, the hotel is minimally invasive and in the words of Flohr herself, “We’ve used design as a tool, not as a style to ensure Kisawa is integrated, culturally and environmentally, to Mozambique.” The 3D-printed sand is merged with Mozambican weaving, thatching, carpentry, and textiles from artisans in the area.

If the idea of 3D-printing seems positively scientific, like stepping into a Christopher Nolan movie, the process is actually quite straightforward. Basically, it involves sending a computer-generated design to a 3D printer, where it is then divvied up into layers. The printer draws in the desired material – in this case, a sand-and-seawater mortar – and then pipes it out to create the structure from the bottom up.

As CN Traveler reports, “The décor of the 12 guest rooms and spa incorporates the craftwork of local artisans, tapping techniques like weaving and carpentry. It’s a sea change from the days when it seemed sensible to haul incongruous slabs of Italian marble across continents, shedding emissions as you went.”

Certainly, this hotel isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also boasts a design ethos that resonates with so many people around the world today. With the climate crisis becoming the most pressing issue we face today – one that not only encapsulates extreme weather patterns, homelessness and dislocation, rising sea levels, loss of habitat and food scarcity, it’s becoming increasingly important to examine the ways we travel and the environmental footprint we have.

Consequently, Kisawa Sanctuary is a design we can all get behind. Yes, it’s a luxury stay, but it’s also a thoughtful one. 

Prices start at $8,124 a night for a one bedroom bungalow and while that certainly is steep, not only will you be able to boast about your stay in the 3D-printed sand kingdom, but you’ll even get your own private chef, dedicated staff, a spa, diving, a marine safari, and access to your own electric vehicle and e-bike.

Via GQ Australia