Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Movies Get Back-To-Back Summer Release Dates

By GQ Staff
05 February 2019
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Mission Impossible is rapidly becoming a bankable franchise, with no signs of ending soon

You would think suffering a broken ankle and various other injuries during filming would deter most actors from reprising a film role, but that isn't the case for Tom Cruise. Say what you want about Tom Cruise the person, but the actor is one of the most determined in the business with his character Agent Ethan Hunt also proving to be one of the most bankable.

Hot on the heels of 2018's wildly successful Mission Impossible: Fallout, Paramount Pictures has set release dates for back-to-back sequels in the action-packed saga starring Tom Cruise. According to Variety, the studio announced that M:I 7 will arrive on July 23, 2021, followed by M:I 8 on August 5, 2022.

It's also been revealed that Academy Award-winning director and Mission: Impossible writer Christopher McQuarrie - who also co-wrote the Top Gun: Maverick screenplay - will return to direct. McQuarrie also directed 2015's Mission: Impossible  - Rogue Nation.

After years of switching up the director to give a new feel to each instalment, Crusie and Paramount seem set on McQuarrie as the primary director. It comes as a similar move to Warner Bros. and JK Rowling selecting David Yates to direct the final four films of the Harry Potter series, and the first three films of the Fantastic Beasts spinoff franchise.

"We couldn't be more excited to build on the massive success of 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' by re-teaming with Chris and Tom on these next two films, following two successful collaborations," said Paramount Pictures CEO Jim Gianopulos.

As fans will be quick to point out, the decision to make two further instalments of the Mission: Impossible franchise aren't exactly a risk-taking move on Paramount's part. Fallout grossed $790 million last year, the best haul in the six-film franchise to date. The sixth film also holds a 97 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes.


The announcement also revealed that Skydance's David Ellison will produce, as he has on the last three films.

"We've also enjoyed a great partnership with Skydance and David Ellison on these three most recent films and look forward to continued success together on this great franchise," said Gianopulos.

One thing is for sure, the stunts will be bigger, the performances more outrageous and Tom Cruise will surely badly injure another body part or organ. By all accounts, these films are set to be a major blockbuster. We'll keep you posted on how it all advances.

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