A Nintendo Theme Park Is Coming To Universal Orlando In 2023

28 January 2020
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Image: Nintendo/Universal

It’s the “life-size video game” that promises to let visitors “play in the real world”

Few things are as nostalgia inducing as the soundtrack to Yoshi Valley and the crash of a red shell heard from afar on Mario Kart Nintendo 64. While more modern iterations and devices have since superseded the game, it still continues to be a fan favourite and only cements the fact that Nintendo is a company with a fan base that can’t be classified by demographics or neatly constructed age groups. So naturally, when news that a Nintendo theme park is coming to Universal Orlando in 2023, it’s something that both the grown adults of the world can celebrate along with the young.

According to reports, the Nintendo park will become the fourth theme park to be opened at Universal Orlando and is set to become part of larger expansion that will ultimately double the size of the resort.

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Sitting on a 750-acre site just a few miles from the current location of Universal Orlando, the Nintendo-themed area is an ambitious undertaking that won’t just provide a new source of entertainment for visitors, but will also create more than 14,000 job openings on top of Universal Orlando’s 25,000 employees.

The news comes after a new Super Nintendo World park was announced to open this year in Japan, ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. According to Nintendo Life, the first version of the theme park will include rides like The Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures. It’s also believed that the theme park will use a tech and smartphone app Wearable wristband called the “Power Up Band,” making users feel as though they are part of the game world.

According to the Chairman and CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, the wristbands will keep track of scores and interface “back with your game console so you can build on it and come back again.”

And if you’re a Nintendo fan, you might just get the chance to experience this immersive world, as there are plans to expand Nintendo World with openings at Universal Studios in California and Singapore.

Speaking about the new Super Nintendo World, Stephen B. Burke, Senior EVP and Chairman, NBCUniversal at Comcast Corporation, said in an interview with Newsweek: “It’s up there with Harry Potter, which in some of our parks, Harry Potter drove incremental attendance of about 2 million people. So Nintendo is rarefied air. And the attraction that we’re building in Osaka is spectacular.”

Burke added, “From a creative standpoint, it’s really unbelievable, and that opens sometime midyear this year in Osaka and then we’re going to bring it to Hollywood, and we’re going to bring it, obviously, in the fourth gate in Florida. So I think Nintendo is going to be potentially a big accelerator of growth in the theme park business.”

Via GQ Australia