This French Restaurant In Dubai Just Got A Serious Menu Upgrade

03 September 2019
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Images: Jure Ursic
Four words: pineapple upside-down cake

Now at 11 years and going strong, the Bagatelle good name comes by virtue of dedication to its French-Mediterranean roots, a focus on clean, fresh ingredients and no little word of mouth – seven restaurants around the world will do that sort of thing for a business.

But while New York’s Meatpacking District is where the story began, Dubai is the most recent stylish outpost for a brand that’s never rested on its laurels. Head chef Timothy Newton’s new menu is set to shake things up further, while still throwing out respect for the classics – expect crispy octopus, Burgundy snails and lots of burrata.

But, hey, don’t just take our word for it, let chef explain.

Let me tell you...

The new menu was a mix. It was inspired by classic dishes that we wanted to reinterpret and new dishes we thought would add greatly to what we had.

If you try nothing else, try this...

We have a cool pineapple upside-down cake that we just added to our pastry menu. I grew up eating it and always wanted to refine it and get it on the menu.

Don’t believe the hype...

People think that French food is old and classic with lots of heavy ingredients. But I think the great thing about this cuisine is that it’s so adaptable to change. You can use all the same classic techniques of French cookery and lighten them up.

The key to a well-cooked scallop?

The trick to cooking scallops is to not be aggressive – and by that I mean don’t cook too long or too hard. Get a great sear then let it relax a bit. A nice crust with a medium cooked inside is the best way. Oh, and always choose fresh when you can.

Yes, you should give snails a try...

Personally I love them, but for me the best thing about this dish is the garlic butter. We decided we wanted to make ours about the butter, but still focus on the earthy taste of the snail.