Luxury Food Delivery In Dubai Is Now A Thing

22 April 2020
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A diary of one man’s struggle with a weekend of fine-dining in front of the TV

As the Covid-19 lockdown slowly but surely robbed restaurants of their custom, I guess the only surprise is that this didn’t happen sooner. In a locked down world, food delivery is king, and the new kings of Deliveroo had more
bling than most. The pivot to delivery was fast and unilateral.

From La Cantine du Fauborg to Coya via Nobu and LPM, fast food no longer means just burgers and pizzas.

Of course, there was an understandable dilemma involved here. The world is in a point of struggle – were we morally on board with living it up behind closed doors at the same time, feasting for all we were worth? As it turned out, yes; yes we were. If there’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us, it’s to live life to the full and glean joy where you can. If that joy involves a stunning spicy beef fillet from Coya, then more power to you.

And yes, I understand that a long weekend spent scoffing fine dining being sent to my home is extravagant, I get it, this is not normal. But I was treating this as a job like any other. Be sure, dear reader, I was going to get to the bottom of the luxury food delivery game if it killed me.

Friday: Coya


Day 1 of the experiment – and it is an experiment – and the Peruvian Pisco lounge lives up to expectations. The trickiest part of all this lies in replicating the quality of the food that you would get in-house, but Coya gets this on the money. From tiger prawns to beef ribs and onto the churros, nothing is lost on the delivery drive.

When it comes to the detail, the boxes are recyclable, there’s a complimentary vitamin drink included, and a request to whip up some guacamole to rival Coya’s own. Stick the thing on Insta and have people marvel at your work. The only thing missing, a pisco sour.

To order: Check out the menu here

Saturday: LPM


In the list of restaurants you definitely want to see as a luxe delivery option, you have to admit that La Petite Maison is up there. The French fine dining stalwart of Dubai’s food scene has thrived as the great and good have come and gone. The key to it all? Quality. And that’s something that shines through its delivery service, too.

First things first. The guy bringing your food turns up wearing a bow-tie. That’s got to count for something, right? Secondly, no bog-standard bags for LPM, your food comes in tote bags that have been decorated by the staff that prepared your food. Speaking of which, the classics are all here – from the burrata with tomato and basil to baby roast chicken to vanilla cheesecake – and all are presented beautifully.

Finally, there’s even a specially curated Spotify playlist – presented on a card featuring a photo of the team and message to enjoy – that will take you to the South of France for the duration of your meal. Now, if Serge Gainsbourg can’t lift your spirits, then we’re in bigger trouble that we thought. Je t’aime, LPM.

To order: Check out the menu here

Sunday: Avli by Tashas


At a glance and you could look at all this and consider that I was dangerously out of control after two decadent days spent eating like a king. But I’m nothing if not professional. I was here to do a job, and this was no time for quitters.

Day three might have been a little less decadent than the two that had proceeded it, but with two menus featuring nibbly little morsels – from pitta bread and delicious tapenade to juicy lamb and fresh Greek salad – Avli by Tashas was the perfect end to the experiment. Low on fuss, high on quality. And if you’re looking for something other than a touch of the Mediterranean from your Tashas luxe delivery, then Flamingo Room is also available, offering a great selection of African dishes to enjoy.

To order: (via WhatsApp only) Avli by Tashas: 058 583 3571 / Flamingo room by Tashas: 058 591 8917

The Verdict:

Did all this feel a little bit decadent? Yes. Did I feel guilty eating it? For some reason, yes. Should it continue? YES. Now more than ever we need a little joy in our days. If that means occasionally ordering a fine dining feast, then so be it. None of the restaurants actually lose anything in the delivery service and, in fact, some actually impress you even more, thanks to the genuine thought and effort that has gone into it all. Whether this continues after the lockdown is anybody’s guess, but the experience is certainly worth it.