BASE Dubai Has Changed What It Means To Go Clubbing

26 January 2020
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Less a night out, more a euphoric meeting of minds

When you get down to the nitty gritty of it all, to call BASE a club would be to do it a massive disservice. In fact, let’s call it how it is… even labelling it a superclub would feel like you’re selling it a little short. The upshot? Don’t expect a night out, expect an event.

This massive open-air venue opened in May 2017, and is home to fire breathing, pyrotechnics, lasers and general mayhem set to a banging soundtrack on any given night.

But this isn’t just local, it’s global, and BASE has hosted pop-ups at the 2018 Fifa World Cup and Art Basel Miami. In Dubai, it’s now the go-to for visiting big names – whether they’re actually performing or just hanging out. In that time they’ve hosted the likes of Roger Sanchez, A$AP Rocky, Tyga and former GQ Middle East cover star, French Montana.

It’s that mix of big name clientele and pure showmanship that makes BASE such an attractive proposition. Check out their website or their Insta feed, they make a Wednesday night look like the type of party you’d go to if the world was ending. And then, when we all migrate to Mars, this is what the clubs will look like there, too.

But it’s not all hands in the air waiting for the base to drop. Like any club worth its velvet rope, you’ll find luxury unbound. If you’re here on business, book a table for the wildest flex out there – deals will be signed to a backdrop of Cristal sprayed with the wild abandon of a Grand Prix win.

And, you know, in 2020, BASE has upped its game even further. Head down for newly installed themed nights, including a hip-hop party on Mondays and an all-new house night on Wednesdays.

Biggest take home from all this? You could go clubbing or you could go to BASE. It’s really that simple.