Review: Nammos Dubai

26 January 2020
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Transport yourself to Mykonos minus the airfare, with Dubai’s newest beach spot and dining venue

It’s not very often that made-for-Instagram restaurants escape the knowledge of the region’s most-informed gastronomists, which is why your social feed has likely been packed with a kaleidoscopic array of eye-catching images showing off one of Dubai’s newest hotspots – images you may have assumed were snapped in the Med.

Hailing from Mykonos, famed restaurant and beach venue, Nammos (frequented by A-listers such as Gigi Hadid, Leonardo DiCaprio and GQ Middle East cover star, Lewis Hamilton), has finally made its way to the region, taking up a stunning permanent residency at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai.

Perched on a sun-drenched private beach overlooking the Arabian Gulf, Nammos Dubai is one of those places that instantly takes the edge off a stressful week thanks to easy on the eye décor and a blissed-out vibe.

The venue feels buzzy while still being a place for relaxation. Surrounded by white-washed walls and sleek timber furniture you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped off the plane into a Mykonian atmosphere.

First things first, grab a table outside. Then, the food: it’s a Mediterranean-inspired menu with Greek influences, so expect a plate packed with fresh seafood and zesty salads. Top picks include the spicy king crab tartar with yuzu truffle and the calamari with hummus, ginger and lemon olive oil. Your drink will come courtesy of a mixologist with their head in the game and a nose to match something with your meal. Failing that, just take a drink by the ocean and let the day play out.

By day the mood is laid-back luxury. But after the sun has dipped into the ocean, the heat is supplied by a glamorous guest list and vibey tunes.

Whether there to eat, party, get some sun – or all three, one thing is for sure: eat, sleep, Greek, repeat is set to be your 2020 mantra.