Shopping’s Biggest Problem Just Got Solved

By Team GQ Middle East
25 October 2018
The Dubai Mall, Shopping, Travel, Destination
And yes, there's an app behind it.

Look, we love hitting up a mall to buy new looks — it’s kind of our DNA — but one thing that irks us a little? Doing endless laps around concrete basements, chasing down parking spots.

“I’m determined to fix the parking situation,” said Emaar Malls CEO Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne at a press conference earlier this week.

Happily, there’s now an app for that.

Against the backdrop of their 10th anniversary celebrations, The Dubai Mall is set to roll-out new parking functionality on their app. The key feature: the ability to reserve your parking spot, before you even leave the house. The other winning feature? Smart parking advice. When you select the store you plan to visit, the app will suggest the parking spot that's closest. Neat. Also, if you forget where you parked, you can use the app to find your location by punching in your plate number. 

Bousquet-Chavanne also announced that The Dubai Mall is expected to open 5000 extra parking spaces by spring 2019 — bumping up to over 19,000 spaces.

Reserving a prime-position parking space while sitting on the couch is our kind of game-changer - a feature that's going to be introduced on the app soon. Up next on our in-app wishlist? Reserving some box-fresh Balenciaga kicks.