The Surf Is Just One Reason You Should Go To Turkey This Year

05 August 2019
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With the Med, Aegean and Black seas all part of what Turkey has to offer, it’s no surprise that it can push your watersport game to new heights

Scuba Diving

With some stunning dive sites and glorious marine life, the western and southern coasts of Turkey are the perfect place for divers of all abilities. Here are four we love...

Gulf of Saros

Best for  the weekend trip
A scuba break doesn’t need to come courtesy of major planning when you’re in Turkey. Saros Bay is a short drive from Istanbul and means that, with waters that teem with marine life and can reach 40 metres, weekend scuba is firmly on the cards. Recent activity includes an A380 being sunk to allow divers to explore it on the seabed.


Best for  the beach stay
Yes, you know Bodrum for super luxe beach clubs and a party lifestyle that made it famous, but life under the sea here is arguably as vibrant as it is on shore. Be prepared to meet some diverse species like groupers, leerfish and colourful sponges.

Ayvalık-Deli Mehmet

Best for  the diversity of dive sites
A real prime diving site in Turkey. With a variety of spots to meet all abilities. The coral reef is stunning, the sea life offers real variety – there’s a good chance you can see anything from grouper to conga eel to even octopus here.


Best for  the underwater jet
A thrilling dive site awaits you in Kaş-Antalya, with an Italian fighter jet from World War 2 on the seabed and there to explore. The most famous diving spot is the cannily named Flying Fish reef where you just might witness flying fish in, well, flight.

Whitewater Rafting

Thanks to sparkling waters and startling rapids, Turkey has so many amazing options for whitewater rafting, building an itinerary is a daunting task. Here are three to start with...


Best for  the speedy waters
One of the fastest-flowing rivers in the world, the Çoruh offers a 169km course. It’s no surprise that it hosted the World Rafting Championship in 1993. A bonus for visitors – rich and beautiful wildlife.

Fırtına River

Best for  the surroundings
Meaning “Storm” in Turkish, the Fırtına River is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, and with a smart 23km course, you’ve got the perfect spot to hone your skills. The lush, green, tea fields in the surrounding area are worth the visit alone.

Dalaman River

Best for  the crystal clear waters
If you’re aiming for picture-perfect rafting, then Dalaman River should be your number one option. Close to the iconic holiday spots of Bodrum and Marmaris, it’s perfect for beginners and experts – with more than enough post-rafting options available, too.


The western coast of Turkey is blessed with the perfect conditions for one of the fastest rising sports in the world. Here are two places you should try...

Akyaka – Gulf of Gokova

Best for  the natural fuel
If you’re going to attempt kiteboarding anywhere it’s here – with a strong breeze fuelling your movement from May to November. With a number of tailor-made facilities in the region, yeah, you can call this the heart of kiteboarding in Turkey.


Best for  the perfect conditions
There’s something for kiteboarders and water sports aficionados alike in Patara, with near perfect conditions making the perfect spot for both beginners and professionals.