The Future Of Robotics Is Happening Right Now, And There’s No Stopping It

08 August 2019
RoboCafe, Robotics, DUBAI
Image: Twentieth Century Fox
First, they’re your waiters. Next, world domination

First it was a myth. People would say there would come a time when robots would take our jobs. It seems that time is upon us. No, really. First at Drink And Spice Magic’s restaurant and now at RoboCafe. 

Ruby is the first waitress robot in Dubai. Japanese born, Ruby serves your food at Drinks and Spice restaurant in Khalid bin Al Waleed, Dubai.

In August a café, entirely run by robots using artificial intelligence, will serve you your morning coffee. Yes, that’s right. There won’t be a smiling barista so you don’t have to worry about masking your true non-caffeinated morning self. The concept is the first of its kind in UAE. The robot, itself, will have three robotic arms that will take orders and serve food and drinks.

That’s not all, however. These three bots will also perform customised light and music shows. Seems legit.

The perfect setting for the tech geek or coffee connoisseur, RoboCafe will be located in Dubai Festival City and will be serving mocktails, snacks and organic coffee.

The launch date is yet to be announced but RoboCafe is expected to open some time this month.