The Largest Vegan Store Is Set To Open In Dubai

06 August 2019
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Vegans, rejoice!

Vegans, much like regular human, crave variety and innovation in what they eat. It’s not easy to support a plant-based diet, but for some reason vegans have chosen to trudge down this path, and other vegans everywhere are taking notice of the massive influx into their communities.

Enter, Veganity. Come August 16, one of the biggest restaurant and grocery store comes to Dubai.

Gone are the days when veganism was simply considered an alternative diet. Now there’s a global faith in plant-based diets to the extent that major food manufacturers are taking notice and catering to this growing niche. (Ed. note: Have you tried vegan ice-cream? You’d be surprised by how much you like coconut-milk based mint chip.)

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of veganism, there is more than enough data that indicates the viability of the vegan lifestyle.

Veganity is no rookie in bringing veganism to consumers. What started out as a delivery meal prep and catering service in 2017, is now diversifying into a full-blown restaurant chain. The delivery service was popular amongst weight watchers and clean-eating enthusiasts, apart from just vegans. Besides being vegan, their food is also 100% organic, gluten free, GMO free and without any artificial preservatives, flavouring, and colouring.

While the first branch opens in in City Walk, Dubai, there are plans to open another branch in Abu Dhabi soon. A source from the Veganity team revealed that the head chef, Sky Sommers wanted to do something that’s never done before – that was the vision for the restaurant. The restaurant’s menu is in fact the largest vegan menu with over 200 items spanning across cuisines like Arabic, Mexican, French, Italian, Indian cuisines.

Never has a ten-day countdown seemed more tedious.

Veganity is set to open on 16th of August in City Walk, Dubai.