The New Place: Cé La Vi

21 December 2019
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Perched on top of Address Sky View Hotel, this Southeast Asian spot is taking Dubai’s food scene to new heights

Call it the penthouse-effect, but there’s just something special about heading up to a rooftop and eating somewhere that imperiously looks down upon its city. In that respect, altitude equals attitude... consider it a foodie power move from on high. Cé La Vi is the latest addition to the scene in Dubai, and it’s about to make an aerial grab for your soul.

Perched atop the new Address Sky View hotel and slated to open by the end of 2019, your seat here might well offer a grand Downtown Dubai view, but chances are your attention will be mostly focussed plate-wards, anyway, with a luxe modern Asian menu the order of the day.

A concept born out of Southeast Asia, the Dubai opening will be the seventh global outpost for the brand, with Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombo, Taipei, Shanghai and Tokyo making up the rest of the collection.

Helmed by executive chef, Howard Ko, a man with Michelin-starred blood running through his veins courtesy of a food education at Picholine, Restaurant Melisse, The Restaurant at Meadwood and The French Laundry, you can expect a reinvention of the classics that straddle a line somewhere between tradition and modernity. Inspiration comes courtesy of food capitals from LA to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo. Young, creative and fiercely driven, you could say that Ko’s vision of mixology, music and food couldn’t have found a more fitting home than Dubai.

But if you’re heading 220 metres above sea level for your supper, there’s an argument to say that you should make more than just a meal of it. Our advice? Head to floor 54 but spend time at Club Lounge, SkyBar and Pool Deck while you’re there. Because successful rooftop eating always requires the loftiest of plans.