The Roseate Ganges Is The Perfect Retreat

09 November 2019
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Join the enlightened few and check in to the resort in the foothills of Himalayas

There are some breaks that just scream bucket list, even if they’re not expressly trying to be, even if they’re just somewhere to kick back and relax. Chilling out by the Ganges? Yeah, we’ll take that. Time spent in a luxury, all-inclusive resort? Where do we sign-up?

This luxe relaxation

With 16 independent villas, you’ll find a certain tranquillity at The Roseate Ganges. Not too surprising, really, your private balcony overlooks the Sylvan Hills and waterway, while a contemporary-styled villa – with state-of-the-art sound system – drops a minimalist colour palette seamlessly into the countryside.

You have a private Ganges beach

The luxury even extends to your storied location, too, and a private stretch of Ganges’ beach is yours to explore. Wander its sandy banks at will.

The food is a celebration of the location

With menus packed full of produce grown and sourced from across Uttarakhand, you’ll get modern interpretations of traditional dishes from the kitchens of local Garhwali and Kumaon homes. Whether it’s the organic food sourced from the farm at signature restaurant Chidya Ghar, or the bespoke dining experiences that can be created to elevate your stay, a love of Indian cuisine will only be enhanced.

There’s an extensive spa menu

In a part of the world with such an emphasis on spirituality, it’s no surprise that The Roseate Ganges has a strong focus on wellness. From yoga to meditation, detox treatments to body rituals, never has disconnecting from your day-to-day life been so easy – they also ask that you ditch your phone when you arrive, a digital detox being the precursor for relaxation that we should all subscribe to if given the chance.

Channel your inner Beatle

While wellness and relaxation might be your number one aim, here, you can actually be as active as you like. If the serenity is too much, there are hikes, rafting and even bungee jumping to spike the adrenalin. Those looking for enlightenment with a little more cachet can even visit Chaurasi Kutia, the ashram made famous by The Beatles in 1968.