The World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park Has Opened in Bahrain And It’s An Absolute Wreck

08 September 2019
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Images: Padi
No, seriously, this place is a real dive etc.

The world’s largest eco-friendly underwater theme park has opened in Bahrain and now we can’t stop thinking about swimming through its sunken Boeing 747.

Fair enough, really.

And although when the idea was originally announced questions were raised over the environmental issues, Dive Bahrain believe it to be “the first aircraft to be used as a reef processed in a truly eco-friendly and pollutant free manner".

The 100,000 square metre site was opened by Bahrain's Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, but hey, if you think that a massive sunken airplane is the extent of Dive Bahrain’s ambition, then you would be very much mistaken my friend.

“Phase one of the project includes submerging the aircraft, a replica of a pearl merchant’s house and sail structures. Future phases of the project are still being studied but could include reef balls, ships and sculptures."

To get involved you’ll need to go through a licensed dive centre, more information to be found at