This $20 Million Superyacht Is About As Close As You Can Get To A Seaborne Bentley

03 July 2019
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Furnished inside using products almost exclusively from the Flying B's home collection

If you've ever stepped foot into one of Bentley's newer cars, (which we're sure you have, of course), you'll know that they pride themselves on making a statement through design perhaps more than any other manufacturer in their midst. In the last series of The Grand Tour, James May quipped that the interior of the stunning new Continental GT was so opulent, with the quilted leather seats, wooden inlays and vast swathes of machined aluminium that it boasts, he half expected Liberace to appear out of the centre console and start playing a song.

The point we're trying to make is that above all else, the mere act of sitting in a Bentley, as opposed to a rival grand tourer from BMW, Aston Martin or the like, is designed to be an experience. But you probably knew that already, even if simply seeing the interior of such a car on the TV isn't quite enough to do it justice.


What you may not know is that Bentley has an entire division set up to carry this design ethos over to products outside of the automotive world, bringing Bentley's trademark British panache and luxury to products covering everything from t-shirts, to golf clubs, to six-figure coffee table books.

But the crowning jewel of Bentley's lifestyle range is Bentley Home — a series of furniture that takes some of the trademark flourishes of Bentley's automotive design and applies it to a line of modern, utterly luxurious home furnishings. Think chairs, ottomans and bed frames replete with diamond-quilting and high-end materials like suede and premium leather.


It's this line, and in turn this pursuit of timeless luxury, that's gone into creating the grand interior of a new superyacht from Monagesque builder Dynamiq — a seacraft that'll set its prospective owner back roughly $20 million AUD.

Called the Global 330, it's 108 feet long and powered by twin MAN V8 engines, good for a top speed of 16 knots.


A true explorer in every sense of the word, it utlises an ultra-light aluminium hull to cut down on weight and improve efficiency, has an effective range of over 6,000km from a single tank — enough to sail from Sydney to the Phillipines in a single go.

“We’ve been looking at the explorer market for quite a while and decided to come into the game with something completely different for our adventurous clients,” said Dynamiq CEO Sergei Dobroserdov. “Instead of slow, steel-hulled explorers with the typical commercial styling, we drew on our forward-thinking approach to create a fast and modern series of vessels.”


Not that you'd spend much time looking outside at the sea. Inside lie five guest staterooms and a cavernous main saloon, all furnished, of course, courtesy of Bentley. It also has a garage stocked full of grown man playthings, from an underwater ROV to a stock of full diving and fishing gear.

You can find out more at Dynamiq's website. 

Via GQ Australia