This French Cruising Holiday Takes You To 6 Michelin-Starred Restaurants In A Week

20 February 2020
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As far as idyllic holidaying scenarios go, few come as peaceful or almost as universally appealing as a foray through the French canals. There's something endlessly romantic about the temperate countryside of Europe, full of rustic market towns, medieval architecture, real people and real food, and notably devoid of the kind of riff raff and heightened risk of melanoma you tend to get at beach destinations. What's not to like?

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France's countryside also has a notable hook in that, per square mile, it probably boasts as much good food and wine as any other country in the world. World-class restaurants dot the country's rural areas like pie shops and pubs do the Aussie outback, while sweeping vinyards, often owned by dynastic families and generations of clergymen, produce some of the holiest plonk ever bottled.

The thought of it all makes it easy to see why France's sweeping plains and scenic rivers have inspired countless artists and writers over the years, and while cruising holidays up and down the Rhine have been apparent almost as long as the concept of staying on a boat has been around, we're yet to see one as luxurious as the latest offering cooked up by Cruising company Belmond.

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Belmond's 'Epicurion Burgundy' cruise aims to highlight the world-famous food and drink of France's iconic Burgundy wine region, and it's doing so by offering perhaps the most extravagant week of eating you could ever hope to experience in the country. Over the course of a week, you'll set sail up the rivers and channels that snake their way through the former Province, dining at 6 Michelin-starred restaurants along the way — one for each night.

The itinerary of what's dubbed the "12-Star Cruise" starts at St-Jean-de-Losne and takes passengers to Lyon. The list of restaurants you'll be feasting at includes two three-starred restaurants, and is set out as the following:

  • La Côte Saint-Jacques (Two Stars)
  • Maison Lameloise (three stars)
  • Le Jardin des Remparts (two stars)
  • Aux Terrasses (one star)
  • Georges Blanc in Vonnas (three stars)
  • Paul Bocuse (two stars)

Of course, all of this goes without saying that the rest of the voyage will be spent in classic french comfort. Only twelve passengers are allowed on board for each cruise, each of which is given an ample ensuite cabin. You'll also stop at a highly-acclaimed winery run by a band of monks since the 12th century.

The price for all of this? A cool $8,000 per ticket. If you feel like booking, hit up

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