This Italian Seafood Eatery Is A Love Letter To The South Of Italy

01 August 2019
Alici, DUBAI, Italian
Images: Alici
Alici literally translates to ‘anchovies’

If you’re anything like us, Italy is probably in your summer holiday travel list too. White sandy beaches, the people, the food, the art. The food! And as great as summer holidaying in Italy is, eventually you’re back to the grind and settled back into your everyday life, reminiscing the days spent on the beach, the places you traveled and the food you ate.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to fly back to Italy. It’s come to you.

Having recently opened doors on Bluewaters Island off the coast of Jumiera Beach Residence in Dubai, Alici has become an Italian restaurant you’re likely to frequent. ‘Alici’, literally translating to ‘anchovies’, is a dedication to the seafood offerings that has made southern Italy not only a hotspot for luxury holidaying, but also a popular food destination.

Alici comes from the same group that launched another popular Italian eatery, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro. “It’s a homegrown concept, it’s a southern Italian restaurant, inspired by the south of Italy,” says Piero Giglio, General Manager of Alici. “To get more information [on the concept], we spent ten days on the Amalfi coast, Positano, Capri, everywhere.”

The restaurant overlooks the glittering Jumeira Beach Residence skyline. With tall ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, lunching at the restaurant will transport you to an Italian seaside town.


Set over two floors, the restaurant is awash in neutral tones, with hints of ink blue scattered around the interiors on tiles, bar stools and planters. There’s also a cheeky little ink blue tuna rendering on the plates at Alici.

With their seafood sourced from local and Italian supplies that minimizes the impact of fishing in their environment, a menu is dedicated to oysters from local farms, as well as red Mazara prawns, swordfish and tuna flown in from Italy.

Alici Dubai

You can always gauge the authenticity of an Italian restaurant by the quality of their pizza. Humble ingredients, but tricky to nail, and lucky for Alici (really for us) that their Neapolitan would make any Italian content.

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