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Tourists are Splashing More Cash in Dubai than Any Other City

By Sarah Garden
27 September 2018
How much cash could you burn through in 24 hours?

Malls over spilling with brand names and flagship stores, five star hotels on almost every corner, and a plethora of internationally acclaimed restaurants to choose from – give us 24 hours in Dubai and we could burn through a serious amount of cash.

And clearly, so can everyone else. According to a global study by Mastercard, Dubai recorded the highest overnight visitor spend in the world in 2017 at $29.7 billion. That’s an average daily spend $537 per person.

This places the emirate well above some of the world’s biggest shopping hubs. London ranked at number three with a spend of $17.45 billion, New York came in at six with $16.1, followed by Paris with $13.05.

According to Issam Kazim, the chief executive of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the city’s "culture and the arts to history and heritage as well as updates to attractions" has contributed to the growth. And with Dubai's new Fashion Avenue opening this year, next year's stats could be even higher.

Another Middle Eastern city made second place – Saudi Arabia’s Mecca had a total spend of $18.45 billion, and an average daily visitor spend of $135.