Women-Only Hotels Could Well Find A Home In The Middle East

29 September 2019
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Spain’s Som Dona hotel offers women only retreats and it could be coming to the Middle East

Now this is an idea that might just catch on.

The first women-only hotel in Spain opened its doors in Majorca last week, and we couldn’t be more on board.

Aimed at solo or group travellers, the four-star Som Dona promises “a new space for women who are looking to disconnect from the stress of daily life that offers personalised care tailored to their needs”.

Located in Porto Cristo, the hotel has 39 rooms, a swimming pool and deck, spa with a range of massages and treatments, a library and a roof-top terrace, and is open to female guests of age 14 years and over, from all backgrounds.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to get away from men in speedos showing off their six-packs, or bellies, as they loudly ramble on about their new boats and investment portfolios.

Men can also forget any ideas about dropping in for quick peak round the lobby - they’re banned from all visits to the hotel.

And while this hotel might seem a novelty in Europe, especially in one of the most popular holiday destinations on Earth, it could well be an idea that finds a natural home in the Middle East.

Despite becoming tourist hotspots over the last few decades, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have continued to guard the UAE’s, and wider region’s, cultural heritage with women-only spaces and services, from gyms to governmental ministries.

More specifically, cities across the Emirates have for decades now had popular female-only beaches, which ultimately attracted as many expatriate women - Arab and foreign - as it did the locals they were designated for.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has in the last few years established women-only working spaces, as part of the cultural changes sweeping the kingdom.

Women-only hotels would seem to be a natural progression, and no doubt many women of all ages and backgrounds would welcome the opportunity to experience such spaces. Even if it’s just for the odd day or two of man-free peace and quiet.