Would You Pay $30k For A Valentine’s Getaway?

22 January 2020
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Now you can with a specially designed Valentine’s day package in Dubai, naturally

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and with it, the chance to really think about how best to demonstrate what your partner means to you.

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The safest option, clearly, is a well-chosen card with a heartfelt message written inside, followed by a home-cooked meal. Plus points: sincerity, thoughtfulness, chance to demonstrate your excellent spaghetti vongole. Minus points: None at all.

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If you can’t cook, write or choose a card to save your life, fear not, because Sofitel Dubai The Palm have the answer. But it is going to cost you.

How much we hear you ask? Oh, just 122,000AED ($33k) for a two-night Valentine’s getaway stay.

It’s certainly a statement. But if you’re thinking that $33k sounds a bit steep for 48 hours in a hotel— even for Dubai— consider what’s included in the package.

In addition to the two-night stay in one of Sofitel’s 4 private beach villas, there’s a seven-course dinner under the stars to consider.

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The next day you can enjoy couples’ spa treatments in the form of Himalayan rose-petal baths and an hour-long massage followed by a caviar and diamond facial.

Once you’re suitably relaxed it’s then time for a private sunset yacht cruise. Oh and did we mention that they’ll also give you a Solitaire diamond ring and, a one-hour photo session as well?

At this point, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that this package is almost certainly aimed at someone looking to propose. Call it a hunch. And if you’re considering that, great!

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Just make sure whoever you’re asking is going to say yes. That photoshoot’s really going to drag if not.

Still, no one says you have to use it to propose. Perhaps last year’s 100 white doves released simultaneously didn’t work out and you’re looking to up the ante.

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Whatever the outcome, prepare to become extremely unpopular in your friendship group once their partners find out what you did.

Pre-booking is of course required, so enquire before 6 February to avoid disappointment.