Two Fashion Powerhouses join forces in Dubai

By Team GQ Middle East
20 November 2018
The Qode, The Independents, Karla Otto, K2, Fashion, Lifestyle, Communication, Luxury
The Qode and The Independents will offer brands specialised services across the Middle East

Two heads are better than one, the old saying goes. And the winner should be the Middle East’s fashion scene.

Dubai-based luxury communications and events company The Qode has joined forces with The Independents, a global marketing and communications group, to offer brands specialised services across the fields of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, arts and culture, hospitality, watches and jewellery.

The Qode, established in 2010, will now represent The Independents and its two founding agencies, Karla Otto and K2, across the region. 

“This is a very exciting step for us and means that it will open doors to considerable business from not only existing clients within Karla Otto and K2, but also for new clients looking to have a one-stop shop in all the geographies that we now cover,” said Dipesh Depala, founding member at the Qode.

The Qode will also be able to introduce its regional clients access to all the services provided by The Independents’ current and future network.

The new partnership has been a long time in the making.

“Since The Qode was founded, we have worked together in various capacities and know that this collaboration has many synergies that will be of great benefit to all parties in The Independents’ network,” said Karla Otto.

The synergies that the new collaboration offers should benefit the fashion and lifestyle scene in the Middle East, according to one of the partners.

Ayman Fakoussa, joint founder and managing partner at The Qode, said: “We are very excited because Karla Otto is really an industry leader when it comes to fashion and luxury lifestyle so with this partnership we will definitely see more interesting brands coming to the region, knowing that they have our full support. So much to look forward to really.”