Tyson Fury Hints At A Move To UFC Ahead Of His WWE Debut In Saudi Arabia

25 October 2019
Tyson Fury, Boxing, WWE, Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman
The Lineal Heavyweight Champion would even entertain forming a tag team with Conor McGregor

On 31 October Tyson Fury comes to the Middle East to make his WWE debut against Braun Strowman.

Taking place at the King Fahd International stadium in Riyadh, Fury appears on a card that includes Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez. Fury, a lifelong wrestling fan, is competing in WWE after his recent close win over Otto Wallin.

But, given that Fury is part of a triumvirate of world class heavyweight fighters (and now Andy Ruiz as well) all in contention to be the undisputed heavyweight champion, there’s been suggestion from Eddie Hearn that he’s taking his eye off his boxing career.

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“Eddie Hearn? The source of your information has come from Eddie Hearn? There’s no comment. It’s a load of s**t. I’m not interested in what Eddie Hearn says. My response is: Concentrate on your own life, not mine.”

Tyson Fury at WWE match

Pressed on what his next goal is Fury responded: “I’m the lineal heavyweight champion so I’m not really considering any alphabetical titles.”

The Crown Jewel WWE match is the second in this chronology and the fourth held in what will be a ten year partnership with Saudi Arabia. Fighting the American, Braun Strowman, Fury will be up against someone almost as big as him. Strowman clocks in at 6 ft 8.

After Khabib Nermaghamedov’s recent UFC title fight in Abu Dhabi, Joshua and Ruiz’s rematch in Saudi on 7 December and now Fury’s bout in Riaydh, Fury said of fighting in the region: “I’m just a fighter and man who’s trying to get involved in changing a country so hopefully you’ve got to be involved in the change for it to evolve so that’s why I’m going over there. It will be a great fight.”

As is customary for all fights now, not just the ones that are staged reality, there has been plenty of talk from all sides about Fury’s decision to compete.

Deontay Wilder predicted that Fury might fake injury after this match with Braun to delay a match up. The pair are expected to fight a rematch after their last epic contest, should Wilder beat Ortiz. If Wilder doesn’t though, that will leave things wide open for a possible match up with Anthony Joshua or Andy Ruiz.

“I don’t think Ortiz would be able to fight me because he will have a rematch clause built in,” said Fury, “So I’ll take the winner of Joshua Ruiz.”

When talk switched to other famous Irish fighters, Fury said he’d welcome the chance to get in the ring with Conor McGregor.

“I’d welcome him in to WWE and who knows, it could be a tag team dream team.”

Fury also went on to hint at completing a reversal of McGregor’s career, switching from boxing to UFC.

“I’ve wanted to fight in UFC very soon, hopefully after wrestling who knows? Maybe by this year.”

Somebody get Dana White on the phone.