Breitling Has Decided To Skip Baselworld In 2020
The Swiss manufacturer's decison is due to scheduling conflicts, and Breitling remains open to a Baselworld return in the future
Best New Watches At Baselworld
From Baselworld 2019 in Switzerland, we present our pick of the new watches from Rolex, Tudor, Bulgari and all our favourite watchmakers
Teo Van den Broeke and Bill Prince
Bvlgari Delivers The Unexpected Yet Again At Baselworld
The Italian Rinascimento comes to Baselworld 2019 with the thinnest mechanical chronograph in history, Bvlgari’s fifth world record
The New TAG Heuer Autavia Is A Baselworld Big-Hitter
Three months after launching its exciting new Nanograph carbon-composite technology in an all-new Carrera, TAG Heuer announces an entire line featuring the cutting-edge technology. Named for the iconic automotive chronograph the Autavia, it features five iterations and a further two in bronze. What's more, Patrick Dempsey is back behind the wheel to publicise it...
Bill Prince
A Stylish Reminder That Chanel Makes Watches With Men In Mind
In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of horology, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the French fashion house Chanel also makes watches worth your time.
Is This Patek Philippe the Greatest Watch Ever?
You're looking at one of only several hundred yellow-gold Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar chronograph 5970s. It's not the rarity that makes this watch obsession-worthy, says LA artist Wes Lang—it's the fact that it just might be perfect
Wes Lang
The Chronograph Helped POWs Escape and Saved Astronauts. So What Is It?
Although the chronograph was invented in the early 1800s, wrists would not be blessed with the technology until almost a century later
Cam Wolf