4 Of Our Favourite Timepieces That Sport A Steel Strap

11 September 2019
Watches, Bell & Ross, BREGUET, Chopard, Panerai
Image: Edward Urrutia
Watch bracelets are cool again, especially when they colour-match the dial. Be it steel or titanium, polished or brushed, these are our favourites

When steel-strap watches were introduced in the early 1950s, they weren’t considered fancy — at least not from a fashion perspective. Because they were so bulky, the first models were meant primarily for divers, pilots, and members of the military. Back then they were called “tool watches” and certainly weren’t thought of as dressy.

The point wasn’t to make these watches flamboyant. The point was to make them strong. (And it makes sense when you compare them to a daily watch’s leather strap, which you’ll replace five or six times during your lifetime.)

However at some point in the early ‘80s, the classic metal-bracelet watch went from being a tough piece of equipment that could save your life to a fancy power accessory. And now, steel watch bracelets are cool again, especially when they colour-match the dial.

As the news French watchmaker Bell and Ross has launched a new, fashion-forward BR-05 collection filters through the watch world, we decided to pick out four pieces we love from this year that are making bracelets sexy again – including Bell and Ross’ BR-05 in steel and silver dial.

See them below.

Panerai ‘Luminor Marina PAM00977’ 42mm

Image: Edward Urrutia

This new silver-coloured dial matches the brushed tones of the steel bracelet with some serious style.

And the self-winding P.9010 movement makes it a three-day-long dream come true.

$11,900 at panerai.com

Chopard ‘LUC 1937 Classic’ 42mm

Image: Edward Urrutia

For every sporty, athletic type there’s always a dressier, more classic piece nearby.

Enter this ‘LUC 1937’ with its serious in-house COSC-certified 01.01-L movement and discrete date window. It’s a yes from us.

$13,500 at chopard.com

Breguet ‘Marine Alarme Musicale 5547’ 40mm

Image: Edward Urrutia

2019’s ‘Marine’ gets a contemporary makeover thanks to the addition of a brushed titanium bracelet.

Coupled with a simpler dial it’s sportier yet somehow still in-keeping with Breguet’s history as the French Navy’s watchmaker.

$40,000 at breguet.com

Bell & Ross ‘BR05 Grey Steel’ 40mm

Image: Edward Urrutia

Check out the polished bevels on this elegant hunk.

With the new ‘BR-05’ comes an edge and a vibe that will appeal to lovers of AP’s ‘Royal Oak’, meaning it’s a decent fit for any urban but active lifestyle. The satin-polished steel finish has magpies’ attentions piqued, if they weren’t already.

$7300 at bellross.com

Via GQ Australia