George Clooney’s Omega Speedmaster Is Made Out of Moon Gold

03 July 2019
Omega, George Clooney, Moon Landings
Wait. What?

The Omega Speedmaster has been on an extraordinary journey over the past 50 years. That trip starts, of course, with its maiden voyage to the moon aboard the wrists of Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. But this week the watch made it onto a real star – Ithankkyou! – when George Clooney strapped on a 50th anniversary, 18-carat-gold edition of the Speedmaster. The specially formulated gold is meant to imitate the cheesy shade of yellow the moon turns on particularly ominous, werewolf-awakening nights.

The limited edition offers a nice nod to history, but it’s cues are taken from what happened after the moon landings, not exactly during them. The first astronauts who went to the moon were given watches after completing their mission: a few months after returning from space, at a dinner organised by Omega, they were presented with gold editions of their timepieces. (They already had their NASA-issued Speedmasters on their trip to the moon.) 50 years later, Omega’s recreated those gold watches and produced just over 1,000 of them – and Clooney owns one of them.

You know that Donald Trump has pledged to put another man on the moon, right? Well don’t bet against that being Clooney as well. The stars are definitely aligning for ol’ George, that's all we're saying.

Words: Cam Wolf

Via GQ