Richard Mille's First Pocket Watch Is A Modern Take On A Classic Archetype

05 June 2020
RICHARD MILLE, Luxury Watch, Watchmaker, Pocket watches
Images: Courtesy of Richard Mille
Old meets new in a truly eye-catching manner

The rise of luxury watchmaker Richard Mille from a niche brand with a cult following to a genuine pop culture force speaks for itself. The swiss brand has, in recent years, displayed an unprecedented ability to endear itself with all manner of pop culture icons, from rappers to the sporting elite. A combination of colour, radical design and exposed machinery makes every RM a statement piece.

Now, Richard Mille its bringing its radical design approach to perhaps the most classic timekeeping staple of all, launching their first ever pocket watch.

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"The first pocket watches were great technical achievements, bringing timekeeping to the world of the private and personal for the very first time in history," reads Richard Mille's website. "It preceded the appearance of the wristwatch by several centuries. With our deeply held aesthetic convictions and experience in mechanical technology, we were keen to revisit and radically modernise the concept behind this archetype for a long time.

In order to radicalise the design as much as possible, Richard Mille has kept true to its fundamental traits of exposed machinery and space-age materials, constructing the pocket watch out of carbon nanofibre and grade 5 titanium while incorporating a tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, power-reserve and function indicators into a sleek, futuristic design.

"Taking advantage of the more generous dimensions of the RM 020 format to emphasise its architecture, we felt free to stretch and accentuate the curve and camber of the case. The rhomboid shape of the chain links is a clear reference to the Column of the Infinite by Brancusi, the brilliant 20th century sculptor. In the presence of this piece, we oscillate between the two utopias of absolute time and infinite space."

Front and rear sapphire glass allow RM's trademark open view of the watch's moving parts, while the unique rhomboid chain is also crafted from sapphire-blasted, milled and hand-polished steel.

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The pocket watch is just the latest in a series of headline-making releases from the Swiss manufacturer. In the last year, the brand has collaborated on custom watches with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z and Drake, each with entirely unique builds and functions that have never been seen before.

Pricing for the pocket watch is yet to be announced, but we'll update this space as more info surfaces. You can get more info at Richard Mille's website.

Via GQ Australia