Take A Moment To Envy The Woman Who Found A $370k Rolex In A Charity Store Couch

09 October 2019
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Images: Bob's Watches
One man's accidental trash is another's treasure

By Australian charity store prices, now that it's fashionable to shop at Vinnies at least, the thought of getting a couch for around $25 sounds like an absolute bargain. However what was already a pretty good bit of business for one lady in the states, who paid that amount for a couch back at a Canadian charity shop back in 2015, turned into a one-in-a-billion bit of good luck when she took the cushions off the sofa to reveal what she immediately recognised as a Rolex.

As it turned out, what she'd actually stumbled upon was not only a vintage Rolex Daytona, but a fabled 'Paul Newman' variant of the model. As anyone with a basic knowledge of watches will tell you, a Paul Newman, named after the style of watch favoured by the late actor, is about the most sought-after Rolex you can find.

In fact, Paul Newman's own Rolex is the most expensive in the world right now, having sold at auction for over $23 million a couple of years back.

As reported by Paul Altieri of Bob's Watches in Robb Report, the woman immediately got in contact with the vintage watch store. After asking her grandfather whether it was his (“Of course that’s not mine. You know I can’t afford a Rolex."), she quickly understood how valuable it was and reached out to us at Bob’s Watches so that she could sell it and put the money to good use."

Of course, the particular Rolex wasn't Newman's own, but even so just the fact that it was a Paul Newman at all makes it a king among vintage watches. Produced between 1966 and 1969, the Rolex Daytona Chronograph Ref. 6241 is one of the most venerated watches in the game, with just a handful of the 3,000 6241s made at the time stamped with the now-iconic Paul Newman face.

'Why did she not return it?!', you may be crying. Fortunately, for the lucky finder of the watch, time was on her side. She only looked down the back of said couch four years after she bought it, meaning that the thrift store had basically lost all record of the person that sold the couch (and in turn, the watch) in the first place. Imagine being that dude right now.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened in recent years. A little while back, a guy found what turned out to be a $35,000 vintage Jaeger Le Coultre in a charity shop in Phoenix. He paid just $5.99USD for it.

Oh yeah, and the woman's plans for the money? "Buy a house and get a boob job." All power to you.

Via GQ Australia