The Best Cheap Watches For Men To Buy On Amazon Right Now

16 October 2019
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Serious wrist candy that won’t break the bank

Some watches have to be earned—the kind of artful, immaculate heirlooms that you either spend years saving up for or receive to mark a graduation, marriage, or retirement. Then there are the watches you get by typing “Best Cheap Watches for Men” into Amazon and plonking one in your cart alongside a six-pack of tube socks, a cast iron skillet, and that Star Trek Blu-Ray box set you’ve been eyeing. Today, we’re here to celebrate the latter: the knockabout, deceptively handsome timepieces that’ll top off your fits and look fire on your wrist without burying you in debt. Whether you're after a diver with serious water resistance or a non-dorky digital watch you can wear to work, we've got all the raddest tickers from watch brands you recognize at price tags you can handle.

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Seiko SUP880 watch
Corner office drip at an entry-level price.

$91, Seiko at Amazon

Bulova "Ambassador" watch
The oversize-timepiece trend might be coming to an end—and so is having to drop thousands on an of-the-moment watch.

$160, Bulova at Amazon

Tissot Heritage Visodate automatic watch
A Mad Men–era watch that hasn't lost a single step in either style or function.

$439, Tissot at Amazon

Timex Weekender 38mm watch
What Chuck Taylors are to sneakers, what Dickies 874s are to pants, the Timex Weekender is to watches: affordable, dependable, timeless.

$31, Timex at Amazon

Skagen "Jorn" stainless steel quartz watch
Chalk this Danish-designed beaut up as another major W for Scandinavian minimalism.

$115, Skagen at Amazon

Movado Bold Evolution watch
Proof that your sleekest watch can also be your toughest.

$495, Movado at Amazon

Disney Mickey Mouse watch
Novelty watches aren't just for kids anymore.

$39, Disney at Amazon

TIMEX Marlin 34mm gold-tone watch
An under-$200 manual-winding watch would be impressive, but one that looks this good is downright game-changing.

$199, TIMEX at Amazon

Seiko 5 watch
Want to know a secret? This isn't a $10,000 luxury diver. We didn't realize it, either.

$153, Seiko at Amazon

Bulova American Clipper watch
A great dressy watch forgoes the bells and whistles in favor of streamlined design and a restrained color palette that allows it to sit under a tuxedo jacket cuff or a hoodie sleeve without calling too much attention to itself.

$228, Bulova at Amazon

Braun chain-mesh-strap Japanese quartz watch
A chain-bracelet watch like this one from Braun marries the clean face of a ’60s-style dial with a strap that not only adds cool texture to your wrist game, but makes the entire timepiece ultra-light. In other words, this watch is made for wearing all day and night.

$105, Braun at Amazon

Seiko Silvertone automatic diver watch
We'll only explain 25 or 30 more times that Seiko makes damn good watches up and down the price spectrum, whether it's something simple for under $100, a Swiss-beating Grand Seiko investment piece, or this—a diver from the Japanese brand's Prospex line that combines '70s Life Aquatic vibes with real-deal Cousteau-worthy undersea performance.

$341, Seiko at Amazon

Casio AE1200WH-1A World Timer watch
The thing about wearing a cheap-and-nerdy watch is that you have to employ some style counterprogramming to pull it off. This Casio goes best with a tailored suit, an affordable cashmere sweater, and a heavy dose of screw-your-status-symbols confidence.

$19, Casio at Amazon

Citizen Eco-Drive stainless steel watch
While some inexpensive military-inspired timepieces put a flimsy nylon strap on a simple face and call it a day, Citizen's handsome Eco-Drive model injects all the next-level details that we look for in one. We're talking a steel case, chronograph movement, and a reinforced, sturdy web strap.

$130, Citizen at Amazon

Seiko "SKX175" stainless steel automatic dive watch
That red-and-blue bezel—borrowed from vintage Rolex GMT-Masters with "Pepsi-bezel" colors—paired with the offset crown down at 4 o'clock brings some real out-of-office flair to your look. Inside is an unstoppable automatic movement, which feels like a treat considering that almost everything else at this price is powered by a junky quartz movement.

$295, Seiko at Amazon

Shinola Runwell watch
Green dials are to watches what red exteriors are to sportscars: instant showstoppers.

$495, Shinola at Amazon

Hamilton Khaki Field King automatic watch
All-American good looks with a Swiss movement under the hood.

$384, Hamilton at Amazon

Victorinox INOX watch
If durability is your top priority, this absolute tank of a field watch is the move.

$478, Victorinox at Amazon

Casio A168WG-9
Concerned a gold watch will feel too flashy on your wrist? Take this $40 icon out for a test drive.

$39, Casio at Amazon

Breda "Visser" watch
There's nothing square about a square-faced watch.

$90, Breda at Amazon

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