The Minutes: All The News From Day 2 Of Dubai Watch Week 2019

21 November 2019
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The latest updates from the fourth edition of Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week is in its fourth, and most ambitious edition yet, bringing together watch brands, collectors, enthusiasts and experts from all over the world.

A celebration of the fine art of horology, it gives everyone from seasoned collectors to new watch enthusiasts the chance to see not only the latest releases from the world’s finest mechanical watchmakers – including Rolex, Breitling, Hublot and IWC – but also access to panels, demonstrations and the Dubai Watch Week Forum.

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Day Two at Dubai Watch Week and even the great storm couldn’t put the industry alumni off its stride. Yes, it was windy, yes it was raining, but when you’ve got a watchmaking class to get to, a man does what he has to do.

First day proper and things kicked off with a big flex from Chopard. The Alpine Eagle. Stainless steel is rapidly becoming a fine choice in watchmaking circles, and this bracelet took its cues from the stainless steel Chopard St. Moritz that Karl-Fritz Scheufele, the elder, used to wear to work.

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Meanwhile, the dials of several of the new pieces in the collection feature a reflective, rock-like texture that is meant to be reminiscent of the iris of the eagle itself. All things considered, a fine, luxe sports watch, so consider this your early notice to swoop in for one.

Advice on making your dream watch wait list (yeah, good luck with that)

The first panel, hosted by watch writer Robin Swithinbank on the phenomenon of The List. Fact is for any serious buyer, access to the wait list is essential – and integral to your aims of owning some of the finest watches on the planet.

But this is about more than just having the cash to splash. “The best advice to getting on the list?” asked Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, CCO of Seddiqi Holding. “Be a regular customer. If you’re not a regular customer, you’re going to struggle.”

And while that might sound a fairly obvious nugget of information, the subtext seemed to offer the real insight. Namely, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, doesn’t matter if you have wasta if you’re not a regular buyer with the brand, you ain’t getting on the list.

That said, even being on the list doesn’t mean you’re getting your watch. Some wait lists can be as long as 12 years.

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Elsewhere, watchmaking classes sorted your balance wheel from your hair spring, and engraving masterclasses by Bovet punctuated the open all day exhibitions by the likes of Rolex and Chopard.

Just a five-minute dash up and down the main exhibition room offers a dizzying option of watches to make your eye wander and your wallet ache (shout-out to the special edition Lionel Messi Jacob & Co. watches). We’ve already given you the skinny on the Chopard Alpine Eagle, but here's one that majorly took our eye today.

The HYT H5

The H5 will be presented this evening at Dubai Watch Week, and once again features HYT’s patened micro-fluidic module to tell the time. However, this time master watchmaker Eric Coudray’s concept has moved on a pace. Featuring a Noralite hour ring, with 9c Super-LumiNova, in effect, it creates a day that runs from 6am – 6pm. As the day goes by the black liquid replaces the clear in the ring – the black representing the past, the clear your near future. When it reachs 6pm, a mechanism kicks into the reverse the liquid time.