These Are Most Expensive Luxury Watches Sold On Ebay In 2019

08 January 2020
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The online auction site released sales data for last year and the results are wild

Ebay has released sales data for 2019 revealing the most expensive items sold in the last year on site. Right at the top of the list was lunch with Billionaire philanthropist and investor Warren Buffet, which went for a cool $4,567,888.

However, what we’re really interested in is the section of the report entitled: Top Luxury Watches Bought on eBay in 2019

First of all, buying a luxury watch on eBay seems a bit of a leap to us. Sure, online watch sales are booming, with countless sites capitalizing on the low overheads and endless customer base to sell online instead of in store.

Still, call us old fashioned but if we were forking out $139,500 for a Patek Philippe, we’d want to hold it in our hands first.

The watch in question, a Patek Philippe Grand Complications Calendar Manual Gold, ref 5270G-014, topped the list of the most expensive watches sold on the auction site in 2019. It beat its closest rival, another Patek, by $14,000.

Third in the list was a rose gold Rolex with diamond bracelet which sold for...wait for it...$100,001. Imagine the look on that smart arse’s face when he realized his $1 increase had won him the auction.

The Rolex was followed by a Richard Mille chronograph in rose gold which sold for $96,000 and another Rolex, this time a white gold Daytona that sold for $89,950.

What these prices show is that, despite our reservations, the pre-owned luxury watch market is alive and well on-line. If you have the cash, the nerve and good enough feedback, the world’s finest watches are yours for the taking.

The complete list of the most expensive watches sold on eBay in 2019

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Calendar Manual Gold Men’s Watch, 5270G-014: $139,500

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Perpetual Calendar Chrono Watch, 5270G-018: $125,000

Rolex 18 Kt Rose Gold Masterpiece Pave Diamond Bracelet: $100,001

Richard Mille Automatic Chronograph in Rose Gold/ Titanium Watch: $96,900

Rolex Daytona White Gold Auto 40mm Diamond Strap Deployant Watch: $89,950

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