Tom Brady Really Loves His IWC Watch

15 August 2019
IWC, Watches, Tom Brady
Image: IWC
We can only imagine this guy's watch collection

In college I actually had an IWC watch as my screensaver. So I guess you could say it has been a long time coming! They’ve done some incredible things over the years and to be a part of the IWC family is a great honour for me.

I’m a huge fan of the Pilot watches. One that immediately comes to mind is the Pilot’s Watch Top Gun Chronograph. I love the look and feel of it – it’s very sporty and versatile. The Portugieser is my go-to for more formal occasions.

I’m pretty much always wearing a watch. Football is the only thing that kind of gets in the way of that! I’ve been into watches for so long, it almost feels weird not to have one on at this point. I enjoy the quick moment each morning when I’m picking out which one I’ll wear that day.

I think my interest started with being fascinated by how a watch works. With IWC especially, we’re talking about works of art made possible by an engineering process that’s been perfected for over 150 years. It’s hard not to admire that and see some inspiring lessons in it for anyone trying to create something of their own. In order to become great, it requires a tremendous amount of discipline, determination, and hard work. And IWC exemplifies that.

I get a feeling about a watch from the moment I first look at it. Of course, I’m always looking for a beautiful, versatile piece, but, for me, the most important element is that it feels like an honest expression of myself. You spend a lot of time with your watch, so you should feel great wearing it!

Time is so valuable and it’s so easy to forget how quickly it can pass us by. I try to keep that in mind, because it reminds you to prioritise the things you love. We don’t live forever, so we need to make the most of our time. I love my family so much and I love what I do for a living so much – I never, ever want to take those things for granted and I really try to treasure every second