Why Vacheron Constantin is One of Not Many

By Team GQ Middle East
23 October 2018
VACHERON CONSTANTIN, Cory Richards, Benjamin Clementine, James Bay, Ora Ito
Cory Richards for Vacheron Constantin
How the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation is celebrating excellence through art, design, photography and adventure

A question for you: What have the musician Benjamin Clementine, recording artist James Bay, designer Ora Ito and photographer Cory Richards got in common? Well, a creative style for sure – these guys have made it to the top on their own terms. However, they also come together as the embodiment of Vacheron Constantin’s latest campaign One of Not Many – celebrating excellence in all its forms. Top watch marks for those of you who guessed it.
Unsurprisingly, the desire to excel is something of an obsession for Vacheron Constantin. The oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation, it stands for 260 years of evolution in the purest fine watchmaking traditions. This is something that comes by virtue of an unrivalled spirit for exploration, a great deal of passion and uncompromisingly high standards of its watchmakers and artisans.

Benjamin Celemntine for Vacheron Constantin
Benjamin Clementine for Vacheron Constantin

“The watch industry represents over one billion watches per year,” explained Vacheron Constantin CEO, Louis Ferla. “Out of that number, only 25 million are produced in Switzerland – and barely 500,000 can lay claim to Fine Watchmaking status. Within this context, Vacheron Constantin focuses on limited and reasonable production volumes, as required to offer the highest level of quality, aesthetics and expertise. Within an already highly exclusive segment, our Maison is committed to maintaining a unique and sophisticated character. In this respect we are resolutely One of Not Many.”

Ora Ito for Vacheron Constantin
Ora Ito for Vacheron Constantin

When it came to choosing talents that Vacheron felt epitomised the concept of Connoisseurs, the key was how they could transcend their physicality. From the musician, poet and vocalist Clementine, to singer songwriter Bay, multi-disciplined designer Ito to photographer Richards – this guy also climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen, by the way – they all produce work that resonates at a cerebral level.

“The worlds in which these talents are active – music, design, exploration and photography – are legitimate and relevant territories in which Vacheron Constantin has long been present,” says Laurent Perves, CMO at the Maison. “What is most important in their work, and in ours, is transcending objects in order to generate emotion.

James Bay for Vacheron Constantin
James Bay for Vacheron Constantin

“This is the first stage in a broader project involving creative cooperation with each of these talents, and others to come. These human and artistic encounters are undeniably in line with those that have punctuated the history of the Maison since 1755.”

So, while these campaign images – shot beautifully by Phil Poynter – might only be the beginning, there are still some hard yards and creative twists and turns – as part of One of Not Many – to come. It’s true what they say, excellence never did come easily.