You Can Now Buy The Watch That Starred In Interstellar

By Brad Nash
12 February 2019
Hamilton, Watches
One of the most legendary timepieces in sci-fi history

There are lots of perceived connections that high-end timepieces have to certain human activities.

Countless watches have captured enthusiasts' imaginations for their links to diving, racing, boating, flying, exploration and just about every other feat of human endeavour — however a special place in the annals of timekeeping will always be reserved for anything space related.

We actually saw this little more than a month ago, when OMEGA made waves by reintroducing the Caliber 321 movement: the piece that NASA's Astronauts wore to (and on) the moon during the Apollo lunar missions.

The OMEGA in particular that Buzz Aldrin was pictured wearing on the lunar surface, which was stolen after Aldrin mailed it to the Smithsonian, is perhaps the most famous missing watch in the world.

Needless to say then, when a Hamilton Khaki Field watch appeared in a major way in Christopher Nolan's spacefaring epic Interstellar, people were left clamoring for a chance to buy one.

Now, after five years of people asking, Hamilton's Field Khaki 'Murph' has arrived online, and it's a chance to own a true piece of sci-fi history without breaking the bank.

Those familiar with the film will remember the watch as belonging to Murph, the daughter of NASA astronaut Joseph Cooper.

He gifts her a carbon copy of his same watch before he leaves on his intergalactic voyage, so that they can compare the divergence in time after he returns to earth.


This is basically where the simplicity ends. Through a method that no-one aside from an astrophysicist could realistically expect to understand, the watch, which throughout the film is a symbol of the connection between the two, becomes the key point of communication between the two when Cooper finds himself in the Tesseract.

Hamilton have made the watch to be almost a complete replica of that featured in the film, however the key difference between the two is one that will undoubtedly thrill fans: the pattern of the morse code (remember, Cooper uses Murph's watch to communicate with her via morse code) on the watch's minute hand spells 'Eureka!'.

Aside from this, the Field Khaki makes for a fairly simplistic, low-key watch — albeit one that exudes rugged, pilot-inspired class. The 42mm case is made from stainless steel, complimented by a simple black face and leather strap, while under the hood the watch boasts a Swiss-Made, H-10 automatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve.

Thankfully, Hamilton are going to be making plenty of the watches, although just 2,555 of the watches will come with limited-edition Tesseract-inspired packaging. You can take a closer look at Hamilton's website and HODINKEE's web store here.

Via GQ Australia