What It’s Like For The People Living On Instagram’s Favourite Street

By GQ Staff
07 March 2019
Paris, Instagram
Rappers, yoga aficionados, and random fashion shoots. These residents have had enough

Paris is stunning. As city’s go, none quite compare to the majesty of this city and its narrow streets, the Eiffel Tower, the art galleries aplenty, the cafes and outdoor dining spaces, and the couples – those who meander the streets so in love you can see it in their faces.

With all of this going on, quite naturally the city produces some great Instagram content. Because, as the saying goes, if you didn’t post it, did you even go?

Increasingly, the effects of social media are catching up with us. Whereas it used to be something to be praised and exalted, now it’s becoming more akin to the bane of our existence.

There are the privacy issues, the constant barrage of photos making unrealistic and unattainable definitions of beauty considered the norm, and the travel shots that show complete disregard for a community and its values.

And for what? Well, a couple hundred likes if you’re lucky and maybe a verified tick of approval by your handle.

For those living on Paris’ Rue Crémieux, life was a lot easier before Instagram. Filled with small past-painted houses, weathered cobblestones, and blooming window boxes, the car-free street near Bastille has become one of Europe’s most popular spots to strike a pose. So much so, that the hashtag #ruecremieux now fetches over 31,000 images.

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Last trip to Paris I set off to find all the cutest and prettiest streets in Paris and their exact locations. I was successful and you can read the post (link in bio). Rue Cremieux is probably the most popular street on Instagram as far as ‘pretty streets’ go in Paris. Of course I had to visit. First it was FAR from where I prefer to stay in Paris and pretty far from all the main attractions and I had to drag my family all the way here just to see it and we almost missed sunset at the Eiffel Tower. While it was nice and colorful, it was, again, very far from everything! It was cute and very colorful and worth a stop one time, but I’m not sure I would go back so soon in the next trip. Plus, I went to London straight after and London has about a zillion streets that are colorful like this. On my list in bio, you will find this street (because hey it IS pretty) along with 9 other streets I love oh so much in Paris! Check it out and tell me your fave street and if you liked this one if you have visited! . . . . . . . . . . . . #ruecremieux #thisisparis #parisgram #wonderlustparis #parismonamour #paris_bigcity #traversefrance #unlimitedparis #loves_france #ongooglemaps #viewbugfeature #bbctravel #resourcemag #fodorsonthego #parisisalwaysagoodidea #iloveparis #hello_france #paris_focus_on #pariscityvision #topfrancephoto #super_france #visitlafrance #parisonline #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #france_focus_on #iamtb #dametraveler #streetscape #blondesandcookies

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Sure, the bragging rights of living on Instagram’s favourite street might see your postman more friendly during delivery, but the reality is that living here is hell for residents. Here, they have to deal with influencers, rappers, yoga aficionados and various fashion shoots blocking their doorways.

Quite fed up with the barrage of Instagrammers flooding their streets, residents have demanded that the city of Paris protect their privacy by closing the street to visitors on evenings and weekends. According to Antoine, a Rue Crémieux resident interviewed by radio station France Info, the street’s ‘grammability has turned daily life there into quite an ordeal.

“We sit down to eat and just outside we have people taking photos – rappers who take two hours to film a video right beneath the window, or bachelorette parties who scream for an hour. Frankly, it’s exhausting.”

In a form of protest, one resident is hitting back with the Instagram and Twitter accounts ‘Club Crémieux’ which boasts the tagline: “Shit people do Rue Crémieux”. Here images show that in a street filled with people attracted to a setting that looks idyllic with the right filter, a resident merely trying to get into their home becomes a photobomber.

It’s unsure as of yet what the city of Paris will do for residents, or if they will take them up on their request for streets to be closed off. But for the moment, no Instagram account nor plethora of angry residents is enough to stop the likes from pouring in and the hashtags from directing pedestrian traffic flow.

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