Will Ferrell And Wedding Crashers Director Reunite For A Netflix Eurovision Comedy

By GQ Staff
11 March 2019
Netflix, Eurovision, Will Ferrell
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The duo are set to produce a comedy centred on Europe's biggest song contest

It’s the biggest Song Contest in Europe, drawing international audiences and musical starts that take to the stage in over-the-top costumes amidst elaborate set design and stage-lighting – it’s Eurovision.

With the world’s favourite musical spectacular just around the corner, it seems fitting that Netflix will air a comedy based on the event, starring Will Ferrell.

According to Variety, the comedy is set around the Eurovision Song Contest, the longest-running annual international TV song competition that has spawned stars like ABBA, which won in 1974 for Sweden, and Celine Dion, who won in 1988 for Switzerland.

Ferrell will co-write the script with Andrew Steele. It’s suggested that the comedian will be a contestant in the show, upon which hijinks will ensue. The format of the script will also allow for some of Ferrell’s long-time colleagues to cameo as other contestants. Back in the 2000s, Ferrell worked frequently with a collective that came to be affectionately labelled “The Frat Pack”. These comedians included Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, John C. Reilly, and Owen and Luke Wilson.

While Ferrell’s latest comedy, Holmes and Watson, saw him nominated for a Worst Actor Razzie, along with the film nominated for Worst Picture, he could go on to redeem himself with this flick.

The comedy is being developed for Netflix, with David Dobkin signing on to direct. Dobkin and Ferrell have a long-standing relationship going way back to when Ferrell made a cameo in Wedding Crashers as Chaz Reinhold. Dobkin has also been behind Marvel’s Iron Fist and Friends From College.

It also seems like Dobkin has the background experience to do a music-oriented film. He has also served as a big music video director, working with performers as varied as Tupac, Coolio, Elton John and Marron 5.

The 2018 competition had its finale in Lisbon, and now in its 64th year, Israel will host the 2019 contest after Netta took out the win for performing the song “Toy”. The first contest was held in Switzerland in 1956 with seven West European nations participating; this year, 43 countries will be competing for the prize after the show has become a global phenomenon.

With the song contest considered to be one of the most-watched TV events of the year, it looks plausible that a movie based on the event will do equally as well.

Certainly, the film seems like a big deal for Netflix who is seeking to widen its audience after establishing a temporary dominance as the streaming platform of choice for the United States. Dropping one of the biggest comedians into a story with international appeal seems like a savvy move on their part.

Whilst there’s no information about the film’s release date, fans can see where Ferrell gets his inspiration by tuning into the 2019 Eurovision Contest, on Saturday May 18. The first semi-final takes place on Tuesday 14 May, with the second semi-final following on Thursday 16 May.