It's Time To Shake Up Your Suit Game

By Adam Baidawi
09 January 2019
Style, Suiting
Get daring with your cuts, colours and patterns

Got your suit rotation on lockdown? Bravo. But, if you’re ready to break-free from navy and charcoal monotony, we have a few suggestions.

Make ‘Em Blush
Can you wear a pink suit? A million times, yes. If you’re only ready to dip your toe in the water, reach for the dusty end of the colour spectrum – it plays mighty well with all that burgundy that’s already in your wardrobe. One tip: anchor the look with a polished shoe. It’ll be the final touch that lets the room know that, no sir, there’s no apology forthcoming.

Coat, $2940, blazer, $3700, trouser, $1090, boots, $2120, Berluti. Turtleneck, $850, Hermès

Work-in Some Texture
Nope – this ain’t your father’s corduroy. The new breed of corduroy suit makes amends in style, bringing with it slimmer cuts, softer colour, and the same unimpeachable hit of texture. Be sure to swerve away from pairing this with high-octane shirts or crazy patterns – it’s a sartorial trap. Instead, get everything else out of the way, and let the texture do the talking.

Blazer, $2730, sweater, $565, trousers, $795, Ermenegildo Zegna

Find Your New Neutral
Sure, brown comes with super-heavy ’70s vibes. But guess what? ’70s vibes are on a sustained menswear hot-streak. The key to freshening up the brown suit, this side of the millennium: give the earthy tones something to latch on to. A burst of blue won’t hurt – whether it’s a pale shirt or an inky turtleneck. Just add a little swagger to finish.

Two piece suit, $4750, turtleneck, $1330, Hermès

Go Loose and Luxe
Relaxed tailoring breaks every so-called rule in the book – and that’s exactly why you need it in your mix. We hear you: the degree of difficulty seems high (and wide). But reaching slouchy style nirvana is easy, once you embrace the fundamentals you already know. While you should keep the silhouette loose, the golden principles of suiting – a perfect fit in the shoulder, a hint of shirt sleeve – still apply.

Blazer, $2980, sweater, $1150, trousers, $980, slippers, $980, Gucci

Pop Some Pattern
Whoa there! Pattern play doesn’t have to be eye-bleedingly bright. In fact, it can be the subtlest play in your suiting rotation. Here’s how: recruit tailoring’s most maligned colour, black, and give it life outside of wedding season. The strongest part of a move like this? On-lookers will appreciate your look more and more, the closer they get.

Blazer, shirt, trousers, prices on request, Dior Homme

Take a Risk
There’s nothing crazy exciting about a three-piece suit. But dial it up to magma red, and everything’s possible. This Dolce & Gabanna number hits several of the dressy trends of the moment – all jacquard pattern and shawl lapels. But the only thing better than going head-to-toe polish is taking polish and ruffling its hair a little. Some clean-as-anything sneakers are a solid place to start.

Suit, $3700, shirt, $480, Dolce & Gabanna. Sneakers, $470, Dunhill

Go Tonal
We love a hit of contrast, but tone-on-tone dressing is a fresh way to move past the tedium of light shirt, dark tie. Here’s the twist: nailing tonal suiting is, well, all about contrast. Find a colour that pops off your skin tone, and go all-in. You’ll find that keeping your hues in the same family tends to have a worthwhile side-effect: rakishness.

Suit, tie, shirt, prices on request, Tom Ford

Team Credits

Photographer: Lin Chiu
Styling: Grant Pearce